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   Term of Services

  1. Your activities or visitors will be monitored for 24 hours by Seccodeid. This is standard data collection to analyze activities on this site, and Seccodeid is integrated with threat analysis
  2. Your activity data will be stored in our database, the incoming data will be processed by our method and monitored for 24 hours in real time. The data collected is standard data used by most providers such as IP, host, browser and others. We created this with the aim of analyzing and strengthening security, this monitoring is called Logen. What can Logen do?

    What is LOGEN? This feature is data mining or a collection of Seccodeid datasets that include visitor, user or member data. The data collected will be used for large-scale, Seccodeid analysis with graph report and large-scale analysis

      • Information we collect
        • User personal data that we collect in the form of email addresses, phone numbers, photos and personal data that you insert in Seccodeid

        • We collect ip, hostname, operating system, visited url, user agent, location, browser version you are using, cache for our analysis

        • Sensitive data such as passwords, loli guard, chat, loli key, your files are secure and encrypted

        • The data you have filled in our site. We will not steal, share and use this data without permission

        • The email address and phone number that you enter we reserve the right to send incoming message notifications anytime and anywhere

        • Seccodeid will monitor your activities for 24 full hours, requests and data that you enter will be stored in the database and Seccodeid reports, we will not sell this data, distribute and other things

      • Where does the data come from
      • This data comes from visitors, member data in Seccodeid includes the things described above. Seccodeid dataset does not require a third party, the dataset we collect comes from our own site

      • What can Logen do?
      • Logen can collect data, write data, analyze data and make reports from the data collected

        • Logen can't collect chat and history file, and private key activitys. This activitys only you know, developer can't see this

        • Logen can collect entities obtained from visitor data such as ip, hostname, browser, user agent and others

        • Logen can analyze reports in the form of bubble graph, bar, linear, geo chart

        • Logen can detect a scanner tool, virtual machine, bot, site crawler and more

        • Logen can send report data every 24 hours and is realtime

        • Logen can analyze the interests of members, visitors who have visited our site

        • Logen can analyze threats, vpn and illegal crawl sites on the Seccodeid dataset

        • Logen can send report via developer email 24 full hours and real time message

        • Logen can whislist illegal bots, illegal web scarppers and detect threats in realtime and 24-hour data that will be stored on the Seccodeid site

        • Logen will continue to grow and update from the dataset that has been collected, this algorithm will often change for the purpose of analysis and securing the Seccodeid site

      • Can I view the Logen report?
      • No, the Seccodeid dataset and Logen reports are closed only developers can see this, don't worry we will secure your data without being disseminated from other

      • Why Developer Make Logen?
      • Developers want to see what your activity is doing on the Seccodeid site, Logen does not take your personal identity, only sees our site activity and to prevent hacking, bot detection and threats on the site. The logen is closed, it is made by the developer Seccodeid, this algorithm will continue to change and the dataset will get bigger

    Learn more at Guides Go to Guides

  3. If your account is suspended, you can file an appeal by sending a message, telling the actual chronology. Your account has been suspended for abusing the rules
  4. If your account has been hacked or banned by Seccodeid, you can file an appeal and account refund

    Get back your account Help Center

  5. Seccodeid will not steal, sell, because the data in the chat feature will automatically be deleted within a certain period of time, so we don't store your data (Chat, Quiz, Attachments) permanently
  6. Seccodeid will not sell data, steal data, read your chat messages. We really respect your privacy, developers will not do anything bad for your data security, Seccodeid tries to secure your data from external and internal threats

  7. Seccodeid is not responsible, if you have issue problems outside our system Seccodeid
  8. We urge you that Seccodeid will not be responsible if you get external issues such as

    1. Fraud

    2. Piracy

    3. Drugs

    4. Illegal case

    5. Data leak

    6. Etc problem issue

  9. Seccodeid has full access rights to do to your data
  10. Seccodeid has the right to do anything with your data, but we will not make sales, data leaks and others. What is meant is that Seccodeid has the right to do anything with your data with permission or an official letter from the agency. Seccodeid reserves the right to do as

    1. Sending email messages

    2. Sending phone or sms messages

    3. Delete your data

    4. Edit your data

    5. Saving information

    6. Downloading your data

  11. Don't give personal information to strangers and Seccodeid Dev
  12. Never share your personal information with other people and the Seccodeid developers. Seccodeid will never ask for your personal data in full, we only store email addresses, phone numbers, photos, social media, names and other information that has been provided by Seccodeid. Seccodeid will never ask for your identification card, account, date of birth, identification number and other sensitive information about you

  13. Understand ethics in internet use
  14. Use polite and courteous language on the internet. You are required to respect and have ethics on the internet, do not occasionally doxing, trouble and stupid things

  15. Seccodeid never asks for donations if there is just ignore
  16. Seccodeid never asks you for donations. But Seccodeid accepts sponsorship if you want to support Seccodeid, you can sponsor us

  17. Seccodeid is not an illegal platform or data collection
  18. Seccodeid does not have any laws from the government, but our developers have very high ethics. Developers will always maintain the privacy and security of your data, license we don't have them. But you don't worry your data will always be secure with Seccodeid

  19. Permanent information that cannot be changed by Seccodeid
  20. Seccodeid reserves the right to permanently store your data such as

    1. Email

    2. Phone number

    3. Key

    4. Post

    5. Comment

    6. Photo

    7. IP, user agent, hostname, browser, location

    8. Your account information

    9. Your information

    10. Your account

    If you want to delete you can contact Seccodeid via email or telegram and our social media, your data will be permanently deleted. Files that you send in the chat feature like your message and file will not be stored permanently. The chat containing personal information will be deleted periodically by the system with a certain time. If your email address and account information will be stored permanently

  21. Things that are not allowed in Seccodeid
  22. The following are prohibited in Seccodeid, you need to comply with these rules. We have an algorithm that changes every week so that we can analyze your data sources massively

    1. Carding

    2. Porn

    3. Drugs

    4. Weapon

    5. Spam

    6. Bad words

    7. Sarcasm

    8. Bullying

    9. Doxing

    We strive to create a clean community, if you find anything negative please report it immediately. We will follow up quickly, we hope you can comply with these rules

  23. Buying and selling activities are allowed (Open trade)
  24. You are allowed to trade, to be honest. We will not be responsible if you are exposed to fraud, scams and others. This activity is borne by the individual

  25. Seccodeid respect your privacy
  26. With the regulations and data collection that Seccodeid collects, we will protect your privacy. We will not provide stored data to anyone, except with a letter and reporting we will follow up and we will take it down. Seccodeid reserves the right to do anything with the data you collect such as edit, delete, read, send messages and others. Except for encrypted data such as passwords, chats, attachments, keys. Don't worry Seccodeid won't intrude on your privacy

  27. Optional things you can do
  28. You can fill in optional data such as:

    1. Cellphone

    2. Bio

    3. Linked social media

    4. Jobs

    5. Gender

    6. Photo

    7. Private account

    8. Loli guard

    We require you to fill in the following data:

    1. Email

    2. Name

    3. ToS agreements

    4. Account owner rights

  29. Embeded link are prohibited
  30. This is to reduce spam links, malicious links, exploits and easier to track suspect links. You can anchor a link without embeded link or url, example

    Example embed link

    Without embed link

  31. Backlinks are prohibited
  32. This is done to reduce spam links, malicious links, exploits. You can anchor a link without an anchor tag, example

    Example anchor

    Without anchor

If you are already a member and visiting this site means you can give Seccodeid the access you need, these rules are subject to change at any time. We will always update this information

*Seccodeid can't guarantee 100% protection from hacking, data leaks, but we will try to update this site so that it doesn't get hacked easily. If you find any vulnerabilities, bugs or errors, report them to Seccodeid immediately

  1. Contact support Here

  2. Contact reporting Here

  3. Contact secure message Here

  4. Help center Here

   Information we collect

  1. User personal data that we collect in the form of email addresses, phone numbers, photos and personal data that you insert in Seccodeid

  2. We collect ip, hostname, operating system, visited url, user agent, location, browser version you are using, cache for our analysis

  3. Sensitive data such as passwords, loli guard, chat, loli key, your files are secure and encrypted

  4. The data you have filled in our site. We will not steal, share and use this data without permission

  5. The email address and phone number that you enter we reserve the right to send incoming message notifications anytime and anywhere

If you join us, it means you have agreed to our rules. Terms and conditions may change at any time, you can see our update activity via Dashboard

Help and support us, by sending your comments and suggestions, for us to evaluate and improve this website for the better. We really appreciate you, we will not read, modify or delete your messages. And we are not responsible, if there is fraudulent activity, leakage of personal data, and your privacy. Please don't do SPAM activities and upload files as needed, we have provided a regulation, everyone can remind each other, and respect each other, so that no one violates the rules here. If you find a bug or gap please report it to the Admin, and please do not break it.


  1. User settings and chat custom: user profile photo, dark mode & chat color. with simple and beautiful UI design
  2. File transfer with various extensions, supported with file extensions like : "zip, rar, txt, doc, docx, pdf, pptx, pkt, pka, dotx, xlsx, sql, mp4"
  3. Saved messages to save your messages online like the Telegram messenger application
  4. Share button for discussion posts to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram
  5. Sorry, only support IOS 13, safari new version and above, update it so that it can be used [Chat features]
  6. Use an encryption method so that we, and others can't read your messages
  7. Favorite contact list (Like story style) and add to favorite button
  8. Share photos, delete conversations .. (User info on the right side)
  9. The contact item's last message indicator (for example you: ....)
  10. Chat feature, free ads like anything, nothing ads at all.
  11. Upload file attachments (Photos / Files) up to 150 MB
  12. Message indicators are seen in realtime
  13. Responsive design with all devices
  14. Realtime notification indicator
  15. User / group (soon) chat system
  16. Realtime contact list updates
  17. Realtime user active status
  18. User roles
  19. And more

Thank You

New features coming soon and they are more exciting than ever. Thank you for your support and patience.

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