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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Seccodeid?
  2. Seccodeid is a discussion forum platform site about computers, Japan and other interesting things

  3. Is Seccodeid paid?
  4. No, to enjoy the features you don't have to worry about paying for everything here for free

  5. Can I copy content on this site?
  6. Yes, you can use any content that is here. You can include the related link for our feedback, note! You may not use or copy web assets

  7. Is the data I safe?
  8. We can't guarantee it's safe, but we can guarantee that your data will not be stolen, shared or used without your permission and we will always try to update this site with the aim of not being hacked

  9. Is contact support 24 hours?
  10. No, we operate at Monday until Friday 09.00 WIB - 20.00 WIB

  11. How to participate or join in Seccodeid events?
  12. You can join our Telegram channel, the information will be explained in Telegram Subs now!

  13. Are Seccodeid events free?
  14. Does not guarantee all events are free, while some events are paid

  15. Is there a bug bounty?
  16. We will inform you more about this programm

  17. Seccodeid a company?
  18. No, we are a community (Personal) engaged in IT and our members are experienced and have high ethics

  19. How to join event and get certificate?
  20. You can join the Seccodeid Telegram channel Seccodeid Telegram and for a certificate you can print it on the member dashboard. Make sure you are registered in the Seccodeid event. If you are an instructor event your certificate will be sent in your email, for bug bounty programm you can wait Seccodeid send certificate in email

  21. What is contribution programm?
  22. This program is for those of you who have contributed to Seccodeid you can see the page at contribute page

  23. Can Seccodeid read my chat?
  24. We can't read the contents of your message, we can only see the total number of chats, chat statistics and every request you send. Seccodeid can't read and retrieve your files, Seccodeid respects your privacy

  25. Is Seccodeid has a legal letter of legality?
  26. As explained earlier, Seccodeid is a discussion and community platform from Indonesia, we do not have an official legal document. But we are a community that protects your privacy, has high ethics and is not a criminal. We are just a community that provides a platform for you to share with each other

  27. Support Seccodeid
  28. You can support Seccodeid developers by becoming a member, sharing information, sponsoring and joining the Seccodeid contribution program and bug report or pentester program. We are very happy if you have joined and interacted with Seccodeid. Support Seccodeid developers in developing this site

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