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Seccodeid open bug bounty program. This program appreciate for pentesters who have tested Seccodied website application, this program can be stopped or paused at any time and can be start. If you are interested there are terms and procedures. Detail information here

Before start pentesting on Seccodeid, please know your rule or ethics. You can read the terms of this program eg. Has this program been started? A reward from bug hunter, about this program and anyome detail information Tos bug hunter

Pentester Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Your report is not duplicate
  3. Pentester must be cooperative
  4. Registered and verified as member Seccodeid
  5. Do not modify, download and damage the site
  6. If you find a bug, don't hacked, just report it and provide proof
  7. It is forbidden to enter our access server, if you succeed in logging in, just provide a proof

How to Report

  1. Not allowed to download, delete, edit, destroy anything in our system
  2. Please do not send files, links that contain malware or dangerous viruses
  3. For bug reporting, criticism and suggestions. We try to serve you quickly
  4. Please report be honest, detail, about your bug reporting
  5. If possible, provide a video or a pdf file to read
  6. Introduce yourself
  7. Courteous and polite
Reporting bugs can contact Seccodeid, you can visit contact us or via telegram

About program

Seccodeid is a platform independent forum and is built on an open source program. We really appreciate your report. Seccodeid will award certificate and bug bounty, you can request bounty to Seccodeid, if your report is correct and status is fixed Seccodeid will contact you and send appreciation. Happy hacking!

Payment we can accept

Indonesian Pentester

  • Gopay
  • Dana
  • BRI
  • BCA
  • JAGO
  • Mandiri
  • Pulsa
  • Steam Wallet
  • For pulsa 10% off credit admin fee

International Pentester

  • Visa
  • Steam Wallet

Seccodeid will give you a bug bounty via email or telegram. Transactions are private and private, your data will not be published

For bug reports or suggestions and feedback it is recommended to use Telegram

No Name PoC Spot Status
1 Gilang Stored XSS Search Bar Forum Seccodeid Solved
2 Akbar Bypass Sqli Forum Seccodeid Solved
3 Risyad CSRF Forum Seccodeid Solved
4 Daniel Firdaus Sqli Post Data Search Bar Forum Seccodeid Solved
5 Risyad RCE Forum Seccodeid Solved
6 Novan AR Bypass Sqli Forum Seccodeid Solved
7 Fierza Stored XSS Register Forum Seccodeid Solved
8 Yuti X-Code Form Upload Discussion Forum Seccodeid Solved
9 Anugrah Stored XSS Gps Tools Seccodeid Solved
10 Anugrah Unrestricted Posted Data Gps Tools Seccodeid Solved
11 Andri Clickjacking Gps Tools Seccodeid Solved
12 Fauzan 72 Stored XSS Profile Forum Seccodeid Solved
13 Fierza Stored XSS Chat Forum Seccodeid Solved
14 Ali Akbar Email Spoofing Mail Seccodeid.com Solved
15 Ardyanx Bypass XSS Search Bar Forum Seccodeid Solved
16 Ardyanx File Name XSS Chat Forum Seccodeid Solved
17 Ardyanx Information Disclosure Chat Forum Seccodeid Solved
18 Yudha Ardi Firmansah Bypass XSS Url embedding text editor Solved

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