How i can make full fake ident and person do not know its me

  01-Sep-2022 02:08:24

Hi mate i have question can i make full ident and no one knows it's me in social media, internet and anything thanks

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Woho, what did you make that for? Explain if for the purpose of deceiving and bad things I will not describe in detail. But here you have asked for that I will answer your question

The thing you should know, someone can track you (OSINT) an investigative, journalist and other things. If you are an investigator then you must be anonymous lest people know it is you, a good informant is to strictly maintain identity or create fake accounts for investigations. Here is an overview of OSINT:

- Dorking 

- Reverse image

- File analysis (metadata)

- Social e 

- Etc 

That is the basic technique of OSINT. Someone can find you that way. Then how do you create a fake and anonymous account or identity? I won't go into detail until you answer my question at the beginning of the sentence, here's what you can do

1. Use fake name or identity generator

Name is important, someone can search your name from dorking, social media and others. Therefore, use a fake name generator or personal info generator. There is a tool on the internet you can search yourself

2. Use fake photo (AI) or deepfake

AI is getting more sophisticated, to avoid your identity being discovered you can use a fake photo for your profile, this is to prevent reverse image searches. Use a fake photo to make it more real You can use AI or editing to make your own character 

example: https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/  

3. Use Linux Tails

This operating system can make you anonymous, this operating system has been used by many people such as investigators, journalists and others. But you have to be careful not to be careless. As great as the operating system is, if the user is careless (human error) then nothing can be saved, stay aware 

4. Hide your ip

Use VPN or TOR network to surf the Internet You can use VPN like nord, anonsurf, proxychains, macchanger and others

5. Use mail encryption

Use email encryption You can use pgp or gpg to encrypt, such as thunder bird, proton main, duck main and others

6. Don't use Google products

Are you using a fake address and identity? Google is not easy to fool. Google collects a lot of information about your device, IP, phone number and more. Choose a service that doesn't reveal your privacy or you can buy smtp email then configure it with your server

7. Make your account as close as possible (credible)

You can create a fake account is not easy, do not rush. Make your account organic with interactions, friends, followers, photos and others, it takes a long time to make a fake account credible, the best step is to make it slow and choose the social media you will use, make it as interesting as possible you can link your account on blogging platforms, social media and others so that your fake name or identity becomes credible

8. Don't upload your privacy and personal

Don't occasionally make posts related to you, you can post other things in a deceptive way. You can think this way yourself, basically don't share anything related to you

9. Keep it working and beware

Stay aware and keep going, everything needs a process

10. Deleting metada or encrypt your file 

You can delete metadata on file and encrypt it, when you want to share, there is spy like gov and anything on internet 

You are required to learn the OSINT, SOCMINT techniques first so you can find out the loopholes, if you want to remain anonymous then the solution is to use virtual machines, private networks, encrypted messages and others if you want 100% safe? Don't use the internet!

You can study this, this is an example of an image that you can study


Actually, I still know something but I can't describe it in depth, maybe this can help you, I'm tired if it's not clear, I'm sorry I use Google translete fully hahaha

Thanks, don't forget to share this forum


01-Sep-2022 17:21:39

Number 5 i find typo main > mail 


01-Sep-2022 18:43:38

Thanks.... Last night im very tired :( sorry there is typography


Everyone must have a fake account. If you want a full fake identity it is the same as your birth certificate but you need to manipulate you can make a fake identity card every country must have it, find a service in your country you want it to feel valid? You can search for sample data from leaked database on the internet. Get a burner credit card and sim card don't forget wipe out your phone, there i found it you need learn sock puppets



01-Sep-2022 17:46:46

How you find web archive content? Give me tutorial i was search on web archive but there is no result and beyond expectation


02-Sep-2022 01:12:59

Just do dorking try search using right keyword


Anonym who is difficult to know starts with you. You can create your own fake identity with various tools as the previous comment you can use AI for your disguise and use recommended network and operating systems like tails and i2p, tor in this world if you become a cyber crime you will definitely get caught trust me 


I have sockpuppet acc i was create 1 year ago include email, password, facebook, insta, tele, twitter, blogger, askfm, reddit anymore detail you can reply 


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