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  07-Nov-2022 16:04:17

Avilla Forensics 3.0 - Translated into english (v1_0_0_188)

Project description:

  • Free Mobile Forensics Tool that allows you to:
  • It is important that you take the training to ensure greater security and success in acquisitions without data loss (Brief training in the English language).
  • É importante que você faça o treinamento para garantir maior segurança e sucesso nas aquisições sem perda de dados, veja no final da página.
  1. Backup ADB.
  2. APK Downgrade in 15 Apps: WhatsApp (com.whatsapp), Telegram (org.telegram.messenger), Messenger (com.facebook.orca), ICQ (, Twitter (, Instagram (, Signal (org.thoughtcrime.securems), Linkdin (, Tiktok (com.zhiliaoapp.musically), Snapchat (, Tinder (com.tinder), Badoo (, Mozilla Firefox (org.mozilla.firefox), Dropbox (, Alibaba (
  3. Parser Chats WhatsApp.
  4. (NEW) Whatsapp .opus audio transcription and transcription plot in CHATS HTML PARSER:
  5. Miscellaneous ADB collections: (System Properties (Full), Dumpsys (Full), Disktats (Disk Information), Android Geolocation Dump (Location Manager State), IMEI (01 ,02), S/N (Serial Number), Processes, TCP (Active Internet connections), Accounts (UserInfo), DUMP Wifi, DUMP Detailed Wifi, CPU Information, Memory Information, Display Information (WINDOW MANAGER DISPLAY CONTENTS), Resources, Resolution (Physical size), Screen Dump (.XML file), Dump Backup (Backup Manager is enabled), List Installed Third-Party Applications, List Native System Applications, Contacts, SMS, System Events, Active Users, Android Version, DB Info (Applications Database Info), On/Off History, LogCat, Space In Use Information, Carrier, Bluetooth (Bluetooth Status), Image File Location, Audio File Location, Video File Location, Face Recognition DUMP, Global Settings, Security Settings a, System Settings, Remove/Add PIN (Requires current PIN), DUMP ADB (ADB Connections), Reboot, Reboot Recovery Mode, Reboot Bootloader Mode, Reboot Fastboot Mode.
  6. Tracking, Downloading and Decryption of Whatsapp .ENC files.
  7. Contact List Search.
  8. Deleted WhatsApp Photos Avatars and Contacts.
  9. (NEW) Decrypting WhatsApp Databases Crypt 14/15
  10. Screenshots.
  11. Screen DUMP.
  12. Chat Capture.
  13. Automatic integration with IPED.
  14. (NEW) Access Through the Tool to IPED Tools.
  15. Automatic integration with AFLogical.
  16. Automatic integration with Alias Connector.
  17. Conversion from .AB to .TAR.
  18. Fast Scan and Real-time Transfer .
  19. Image Finder (Hash, Metadata, Geolocation, Plotting the location on Google Maps and Google Earch).
  20. Plotting (IN BATCHES) of the Geolocation of images on Google Earch (geo.kml) with patch and thumbnails of the images.
  21. Installing and Uninstalling APKs via ADB.
  22. HASH Calculator.
  23. Android Folder Browser (PULL and PUSH).
  24. Device Mirroring.
  25. Instagram Data Scraping.
  26. General single copy
  27. Automatic integration with MVT-1.5.3.
  28. Access Through the Tool to JADX.
  29. Access Through the Tool to WhatsApp Viewer.
  30. Access Through the Tool to the BCV.
  31. Access Through the Tool to SQLStudio.
  32. PRUNE GPS Tool Access.
  33. Access Through the Tool to jExiftool GUI.
  34. Conversion of .csv/.txt files with GEOLIZATION information provided by court decisions into .KML for police investigations.

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